The United States is a great place to be, especially if you know the specific places to visit. There are a number of places you can enjoy and just have a wonderful time especially while trucking, as it can be a pretty long and tiring trip on the road. Truck drivers also get worn out with all the work involved in driving. In my experience while trucking in the United States, I was able to find a number of favorite truck stops that I would be able to just take time and relax as well as have meals and some fun.

The Top 5 Places I enjoyed Visiting While in the U.S.

There are a number of places I was able to enjoy as well as have a moment of relaxing while trucking around the States, which include:

1. Jubitz – Portland

I found this as one of the classiest truck stops as it provides a 24-hour restaurant. What is more, I was also able to enjoy a movie theater experience, as well as night entertainment. Services such as the fuel or even maintenance were great and I was glad I would not experience any kind of issues during my time there.

2. Pilot Travel Center – New York

The Pilot Travel Center is another great place I was able to experience as a truck stop while in New York. This is due to the wonderful food choices and varieties, as well as large parking spaces. I also didn’t struggle with getting internet as the place had good wireless access. Cleaning of clothes while in the region was also stress free as there is also public laundry provided. I found the place to be very convenient and it boasts as having a number of fuel stations.

3. North Forty Truck Stop – Tennessee

This is also a great truck stop I enjoyed visiting while in Tennessee as it boasts of comfortable and spacious places of rest, as well as excellent service. Hot showers whenever one wants to have a bath, as well as WiFi access were also a great plus. What is more, I was amazed that they also had a barber and a massage practitioner! I even opted for a haircut that ended up to being awesome.

4. South of the Border – Hamer, South Carolina

While in South Carolina, the South of the Border proved to be the best place I could enjoy as a truck stop, thanks to the looks and comfort of the place. I was able to even enjoy a golf course in my short stay there. Parking space was also a great plus as the place boasts of a spacious parking. The restaurants and meals were also awesome, with great view of a Sombrero Observation tower, 200 feet tall.

5. Morris Travel Center

This was another fantastic place that I was able to have a great stay and enjoy as they had awesome restaurants as well as great services. Since 1967, this place has really been able to grow and been an attraction of many. I also enjoyed the climate and convenience of the place, with the 24/7 service.


The United States boasts of great and awesome places to visit, whether as a trucker or even a general tourist. However, it is very important to find out as much about the places first before you visit so you can determine your budget and ensure you have a great time. Where were some places around the U.S. that you enjoyed stopping during your trucking trips. Tell us about them.