I figured I’d do some vocabulary for some pretty trucking specific terms that elsewhere in the world have a different meaning than what they do specifically for trucking.

So the first term is a twin screw. What that is, it’s essentially a truck that has two drive axles. It doesn’t mean the truck is supercharged. The gearheads out there know that a twinscrew is a type a blower, it isn’t that. It’s usually referred to as a three axle truck because it has to drive axles.

Next up is a lot lizard or retread, which is pretty much a hooker that that hangs around truck stops.

A weed burner is a big rig that has the exhaust that dumps underneath instead of the stacks that go up over the cab.

A chicken coop is a essentially a weigh station.

Ice skates or the term throwing iron is just snow chains.

A mud duck is a weak CB radio it is not a racial slur so if you hear mud duck over the CB it means your CB is weak.

A day cab is a truck that doesn’t have a sleeper on it.

Next up is caps, retreads or recaps. in most states that I know of they’re illegal to have on your steers. Some companies will put them on your drive axles and you’ll definitely find them on your tandems on your trailer. What they are is a tire that’s been worn out and that they’ve either grooved or they’ve put a new tread section on. A lot of truckers don’t like that because if they run low on air because no truckers like to check the air pressure they’ll heat up and the new tread will separate off the tire.

Next up, a term that you’ll hear with great frequency on the online forums is a supertrucker. Pretty much what it means it’s a jackass. It’s a guy that you know goes 35 miles an hour through a truck stop just parks right in the fuel lane after he fuels up and goes inside and takes a shower. Those trucks you know take up the fuel lane for 45 minutes. He’s a guy that you always see at the terminals and are always talking about Yea when I was teaming we did 8500 miles a week and then he’s also complaining at the same time that he’s not making any money. Every time you go to the terminal he’s always sitting there. You know he’s the guy that says he’s always driving through the snow that’s undriveable. He’s just a blowhard that’s a jackass. Pretty much a steering wheel holder with a big mouth.

A steering wheel holder is just a truck driver that’s either new or doesn’t know what he’s doing.

A hot shot, it’s not a firefighter, although it is for the US forest service. I was a hell shot at one time, but what it is is the guys that you’ll see with the medium duty or like a 1 ton or 1.5 ton truck with a 3 or 4 car hauler on the back of it. They’re referred to as a hot shot. Sometimes over the CB you’ll hear the term hot shot you know one guy to another guy that just means you know he thinks he’s hot stuff.

Wiggle wagons, a set of doubles or triples is all that is. Most times it’s referred to as doubles or triples, but you can also use it for flat beds.

A low boy, you’ll usually see it hauling heavy equipment or large oversized stuff. A lot of low boys, the tongue part of it, will be detachable so you can take the heavy equipment off the front of so you can drive it off the rear or the sides of the trailer.

A step deck looks a lot like a low boy, but what a step deck is, it’s essentially a flatbed truck that has a full deck in it and it just goes from a truck to step down a little bit and then the rest of it goes back.

A skateboarder, from what I understand this term used to refer to a trailer that’s a lot like a step deck only in the very back. Instead of having the smaller set of tandems they had a full size set of tandems so the trailer would step back up at the very end of it, but nowadays you hear that term used for pretty much any type of flatbed or person pulling a flatbed they call themselves skateboarders.

Well hopefully that gives everyone some understanding of the terms truckers are using on the CB. This is by all means not an all inclusive list. Feel free to send me other words you hear on the CB and I’d love to hear from you.