box truck leasing

When you’re looking to get a box truck, one of the top questions is always can I lease a box truck?  The correct answer: yes.  In this guide, we will show to you that even if you have less than perfect credit, you can still get a box truck lease.  If you have excellent credit, you can lease a box truck.  If you’re looking to learn more about box truck leasing, this guide is for you!

For part 1 of this series, please see What if you’re trying to buy a box truck.  Thanks again to On Specialty Truck Finance for providing the help for this guide!

In this guide, we will cover:

  • Leases for Box Trucks
  • Costs to Consider for Leases
  • Information about Box Truck Lease Programs


Whenever you’re looking to get a new box truck for your company, you will often see finance companies online instantly push you towards their box truck loan programs for a variety of reasons, though, many of the other giant financiers don’t provide the option for you to benefit from a box truck lease.  In this guide we will show you that there are multiple ways to get your new box truck in operation-mode, and one of the ways you can get your box truck is with the lease option.

Box Truck Lease to Own Option

In the world of specialty trucks, like, box trucks we know a lot of people prefer to lease a truck rather than buy a truck.  Though, if you’re not as familiar with box trucks and other commercial vehicles, you might not know that the lease option is available for you!

Choosing to lease a box truck can be a sound option for many business owners.  Whether it’s a standard box truck or something more specialize, like a refrigerated box truck, lease options provide more flexibility for you as a lease frees up capital which might be better spent on other core business activities in your company.

Of course, the “devil is in the details”, so you will want to assess your options carefully to ensure that the box truck lease to own option truly is in your favor, though, you might be surprised at how common this financing option is more many small to medium size companies!

Cost to Lease Box Truck

One of the considerations for you choosing to lease a box truck rather than buy a box truck certainly deals with the numbers: the cost factor.  Since there is no perfect information available out there on the web for the average cost to lease for box trucks, we wouldn’t want to mislead to report otherwise.

The cost to lease a box truck is based on a variety of factors, including, your credit score, the price for the box truck and payment schedule.  Box truck lease rates have a tendency to fluctuate, too, based on interest rates.  The way to know what is possible for you in determining the exact box truck lease cost for your specific circumstance is to talk with a lender to help you understand what it would take to provide box truck leasing for you today!

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Otherwise, you’ve got to trust that the misleading information providing you accurate “box truck leasing prices” out there on the web is just hogwash.

Box Truck Lease Programs

What you might want to consider, though, are the box truck lease programs available for you.  There are many companies which provide box truck lease deals for people considering buying a box truck.  These types of programs often change all the time, though, some of the truck lease programs can provide very favorable rates.

Many of the box truck lease programs available also don’t require you to have excellent credit!  Just do a search for “lease box truck bad credit” in a search engine and you will come across a variety of programs (both good and bad); so you’ll have to do your homework!  Though if you’d like to eliminate a lot of the heavy lifting on the front-end for finding a box truck lease program which meets your goals, we’d be happy to help you now.


Getting box truck leasing really isn’t as hard as it’s made out to be, and sometimes there are huge benefits for choosing to lease rather than buy your box truck!  Though there are advantages to going with a lease, some people choose to buy a box truck.