Being a trucker is more a lifestyle than an occupation. Everything you do revolves around the company and the truck. Demanding an upward of three hundred days annually on the road, trucking can have severe repercussions especially on relationships with those closest to you. However, if you’re attracted to solitude, flexibility and constant change then you will definitely love being a trucker. To fill you in on what to expect in this line of work, below are some of the reasons why I love being a trucker.

Paid to Travel

The biggest advantage of being a trucker is arguably the opportunity to travel the world, and still get paid while doing it. Depending on the type of company you’re contracted to, the travel itinerary can either be local or international. Regardless, it still translates to a new adventure as you’re likely to land in new places you’ve never seen and heard of, with the opportunity to spend any layover time exploring the same. Adopting a more proactive approach in acquiring a guide to plan and point out all the interesting sites to visit ensures each stopover has been thoroughly appreciated. Basically, the experience is what you make it, but it is crucial to be realistic. Similar to many others, trucking is a job, and thus means you have obligations. However, you are not only being remunerated to traverse the country, but you also have enough time and money to indulge yourself than could ever be possible at a regular desk job.

Job Security

If you’re in the market for a new career it might as well be a stable one, right? Due to the shortage of drivers, job security in trucking is surprisingly high, particularly in today’s disconcerting economy. Seeing as it’s a necessity for goods and raw materials to be transported, truckers are an important cog in the machine, and right in the thick of the action. While things may slow down sporadically, if you become a dependable, responsible trucker then your job security is guaranteed. With only a license from an accredited school, you can be a truck driver anywhere.


If you work best under no supervision, then you will love being a trucker. Trucking provides independence at work, as out on the road, you’re the boss. On condition that your performance is reliable, trucking gives you freedom to go about your activities and indulge your proclivities. You hate wearing the uniform? Great. Ride naked. You need a break, you take a break. You are pretty much just given a deadline for arrival at your destination. Thus, it’s up to you to manage the time prudently in order to reach the destination on time and within the legal guidelines.

Meet New People

Besides travel opportunities, trucking affords you the chance to meet new people, make new friends and forge new connections in different trades. With networking imperative in this contemporary society, these connections could be invaluable in some of your future endeavors. Trucking is like a breath of fresh air with each trip, and ideal if you’re the type who flourishes on being unencumbered and free to mingle.


The peace and tranquillity of the haven that is your truck gives you the opportunity to profoundly reflect and contemplate. Trucking allows you to spend time with yourself and is perfect for those who don’t require constant human interaction. It offers respite from a number of challenges common in regular office jobs such as gossip, a hostile work environment or even micromanagement. Additionally, you can create your own environment, listening to positive vibes and working towards making improvements to your personality, habits and character. You can only identify your flaws and weaknesses through keen introspection, and this is only possible by understanding your person. Life as a trucker gives you ample free time to do this.