Car magnet on vehicle

Creating your own magnet design in today’s society has become a thing which separates us from generations in the past.  Being resourceful enough to create your product shows that you are highly intelligent and able to manifest your ideas.  Now you can make car magnets from home, and showcase them on your vehicle.  In this post, we’ll show you how!

One of our favorite things to do when we’re not driving over the road, is to involve ourselves in fun crafts and hobbies.  Inspired by some of the Magnets in Motion car magnets out on the market, we decided to try our hand at designing a car magnet for our big rig– though, this type of magnet can be used for any vehicle!

It is looked at as a great way to showcase your designing talent to the world while showcasing your creativity.   Making your own car magnet is loved by many people because it takes a short time to create a magnet, and you can do-it-yourself!  Below is a method you could use to make a car magnet from home.

Steps to Create a Car Magnet

1. Purchase Magnetic Sheet

Purchasing a magnetic sheet which can either be perforated or full or even you can purchase a pre-cut magnetic sheet the design of your choice. A full magnetic sheet will help you to create a magnet with your own specifically shaped car magnet while a perforated magnetic sheet will only allow you to make a magnet in the shape of a rectangle and square. The kind magnetic sheet should depend on the type and size of the vehicle.

2. Design your Magnet

Draw up the sketch on the magnetic sheet using markers or sharpies. You can also sketch up your design with a pencil first before using the sharpies and the marker in order for you to eliminate any kind of mistakes.

You can try a more professional look by using a computer if you think drawing could make your work a not as good. You launch a program then afterwards you can pick out a template that you think you like or enjoy to transfer to the magnet sheet.

Edit the font and also the words, plus the sign on the design before saving your work. Load the magnetic sheet purchased on the printer where you should put the printable side upside down and pages setups in order to put the size of your choice your magnet then you can now print your designs.  An inkjet printer help take care of the width of your magnetic sheets.

3. Cut out the Design

Cut out the drawn or printed designs with a sharp pair of scissors. If you used the pre-cut, use a sharp object to make the edges straight.  Forgo the perforated area on a single magnetic sheet then cut out the desired shape.

4. Put it Together

Use a paint brush to paint on it some contact on its top. It is a clear like vanish which can be applied using a brush and often comes with its brush. Thus, this contact helps to keep the design looking vibrant and visible.

After about 12 to 24 hours it becomes dried and afterwards you can stick your magnet on the car and ensure it sticks.

It is obvious that making a car magnet by yourself is rewarding.  Some added advantages include that it helps promote your business, it also helps to establish a company’s presence and it also helps in advertising your message. Car magnet innovation is the better option for me and for you.

Let’s see what you have to offer!  Contact The George and Wendy Show with your design, and we’ll be sure to post it on our social media accounts!