Here in this article I’ll explain the necessary tools you should be carrying in your truck. When you are at home and your truck needs any repairs you have access to different tools. But while you are on the road and your truck breaks down or is in any kind of trouble it is a complete disaster, right? That is the reason you must know the necessary tools that you must carry with you to fix your truck on the road.

Below are 8 tools that can get your truck out of a tight spot.

  1. Screwdriver – you need a screwdriver with multiple bits. A screwdriver should be carried at all times. It will help you change the headlight of your truck, take out the battery, and also change any part that’s out of order.
  2. Work Gloves – While you are working on your truck you may hurt your hand if you do not wear your work gloves. You hand might get severely injured or bleed. Everyone must use a pair of work gloves while interacting with the parts of the truck.
  3. Tire Air Pressure Gauge – To provide better traction the tires should be properly inflated. There is a much smaller chance that your tires will get punctured if they have the proper air pressure. To check the pressure you may use a standard air pressure gauge, however, a digital tire pressure gauge shows more accurate measurements.
  4. Jumper Cables and Portable Battery Charger – You never want to get stranded with a dead battery. So you must have a dependable set of jumper cables in your truck and also a portable battery charger so that you can charge the dead battery. It may also help any other driver on the road. Check that these tools are in good condition and rust free.
  5. Flashlight – If your truck is in trouble in the dark you obviously need a flashlight. You should always carry a portable flashlight in your truck for these kinds of situations.
  6. Spare Tire and Jack – If your tire got punctured on the road and there is no mechanic around it is in big trouble. You should always carry a spare tire and a jack so that you can change the flat tire yourself.
  7. Fix a Flat – If you don’t want to mess with changing a tire you must carry this with you. It is good for a temporary fix. When it is sprayed into a tire it fills the tire from the inside and seals the leak. For this reason it is one of the most important tools that you should carry with you.
  8. Lug Nut Wrench – You need a lug nut wrench to remove the flat tire and fasten the tire to the truck’s axle.


As mentioned above these are the most important tools that you need to always carry with you to fix your truck on the road. These items are not all that expensive and they can really save you a headache when something happens to your on the road. Best of luck trucking.

If there are other tools that you swear by send us an email and we’ll add it to the list.