Over the years of trucking across the nation, we’ve had the great experience of stopping in to local places and have met some wonderful people. Some of the places we frequent have nothing to do with the transportation, and we simply enjoy meeting with them and supporting local business. For this one, we’d like to share our appreciation for these local places and give them a shout-out on the blog!

Pearl Spa in Kansas City

Whenever we’re in KC, we love stopping by to get some of the pain released from our body by going to get a massage in Kansas City. This place is great because we know the owner, and they always provide great deep tissue massages. The scented oils (I think it’s a peppermint extract) they use during the massage, always makes us feel completely rejuvenated and we always leave their location in a state of mind.

When you’re in Kansas City, we’d highly recommend that you check out their location!

Spooners in St Louis Area

After a long drive on I-70 towards St Louis, we always love to get ice cream. In the suburbs of St Louis, there is a nice ice cream shop in Eureka that we like to go to get our ice cream fix! I enjoy getting their “Shimmy Timmy” (yum!) while George prefers plain vanilla. When you’re in the truck for so long, it’s refreshing to go to this location, and just sit on their patio area and enjoy the cooling sensation of frozen custard. Wonderful people are to be found at this location, too!

Mom’s Deli in St Louis

Preferably before ice cream, we like to stop by our favorite sub shop in St Louis. At Mom’s Deli, though the line to wait to get your food is sometimes long, it’s great local shop to get a sandwich that is prepared with love. This establishment has been a treasure for many years, and most of the locals know about how great their food and service really is! It’s a place you definitely want to visit while you’re in the area.

The State of Missouri provides many treasures for truckers, and we’re glad to have been patrons of these local businesses for years. It’s refreshing to go off-the-beaten-path periodically, and just check-in to see how these wonderful people are living their lives. At some point in the future, we plan to frequent these areas more regularly.

In addition, we plan to showcase other local businesses to support in different US States. If you enjoyed this post, please let us know by sharing on your social media. Stayed tuned for the next post in our series!