Hair Extensions Series – Episode 102

hair extensions

Hair extensions are designed to be attached to the natural hair of a person. They are very popular, but they are not the most popular. In this episode, we share details about the Hair Extensions marketplace and what we expect to come in the year 2021.

Hair extensions have been used in many different ways in history and in different cultures. In some cultures, they are used to replace damaged hair to improve beauty, whereas other cultures use them for religious reasons, or to add length to their already long hair.

Popular Types of Hair Used

Elongated extensions have been used since ancient times. They can be attached to the hair of a person, or they can be left to hang over.

Other popular types of hair used are synthetic. This type of hair has a hook at the root for attachments. Often it is threaded through a ring to affix the extension securely to the root of a person’s hair. People who want to grow dreadlocks, or who are interested in thick & curly hair generally use this type.

Shopping For Hair Extensions

There are different ways by which extensions can be bought.

First, the consumer can go to a nearby beauty shop or a super market, where they will find a variety of hairpieces. While some of these are properly fitted to the outlet, the consumer can also find slightly fitted pieces, which are properly made to fit the particular person.

For instance, we went to a salon in St Louis and found a really great selection and a professional stylist that helped us find the type of extensions we needed without us needing to ask.

Second, the consumer can also order hair extensions online. The cost of these will be much less, as compared to the regular outlet, and the consumer can get a variety of extensions. These methods will find their competition from other websites, which also sell hairpieces.

The Market

Hair extension market is an internationally competitive market in term of prices and quality. Most of the hairpieces come from China, India, Turkey, and Italy. All these countries have their own advantages and disadvantages.

For example, China is the birth place of Garments industry, hence almost all garments in China is made of silk, as well as semi-transioned materials. These are cheap and very good for people who like to change hair statements every now and then.

In the case of Italy, the famous clothes makers will make a specialty of bid frizz extensions, which are slightly curved with a part of curved wire. Semi-transparent extensions are made of light plastic, whilst solid extensions are made of metal. Lastly, in the case of Turkey, they specialize in human hair extensions. Turkish clay hair pieces are very popular, and they come in both clip in and woven styles. They are mostly hand made, and the clip on types take only five minutes to put in place.