To You, From Us

Now that we're several weeks into the New Year, it's safe to say that we're on the path to lead healthier, more enjoyable lives. Life on the road can bring with it it's own struggles. On this trucking blog, we've always been very candid about life OTR and our personal lives. Today, we want to share with you some advice we've acquired while traveling the Nation.

Teach Your Children Well

While hanging out at a local truck stop in Memphis, we were extremely moved by the Crosby Stills' song, and it brought us to tears. The lyrics are so true. In a world that's filled with all different types of voices, it's important for parents to increase their level of responsibility to be the best role models you can be. And show that you love your children.

Proper Diet is King

We all know it's true, but as they say, "Diet is more important than exercise," seems to be true in our lives. Over the years, we've experimented will all different types of diets. First, it was the Paleo Diet and then the Keto Diet. Whichever route you choose, just know that "you are what you eat," as they say.

Note: George has been getting good results (and feels healthy) with the Raspberry Ketone Max for getting exogenous ketones into his body. Good results so far!

Pray Each Day

We all need to believe in something beyond ourselves. Being on the road each day, brings us to a realization that there's a higher-power and for us, He needs to be praised. Whatever your beliefs are, keep the faith. For are all so blessed to be living another day.

3 Local Places We Enjoy OTR in Missouri

Over the years of trucking across the nation, we've had the great experience of stopping in to local places and have met some wonderful people. Some of the places we frequent have nothing to do with the transportation, and we simply enjoy meeting with them and supporting local business. For this one, we'd like to share our appreciation for these local places and give them a shout-out on the blog!

Pearl Spa in Kansas City

Whenever we're in KC, we love stopping by to get some of the pain released from our body by going to get a massage in Kansas City. This place is great because we know the owner, and they always provide great deep tissue massages. The scented oils (I think it's a peppermint extract) they use during the massage, always makes us feel completely rejuvenated and we always leave their location in a state of mind.

When you're in Kansas City, we'd highly recommend that you check out their location!

Spooners in St Louis Area

After a long drive on I-70 towards St Louis, we always love to get ice cream. In the suburbs of St Louis, there is a nice ice cream shop in Eureka that we like to go to get our ice cream fix! I enjoy getting their "Shimmy Timmy" (yum!) while George prefers plain vanilla. When you're in the truck for so long, it's refreshing to go to this location, and just sit on their patio area and enjoy the cooling sensation of frozen custard. Wonderful people are to be found at this location, too!

Mom's Deli in St Louis

Preferably before ice cream, we like to stop by our favorite sub shop in St Louis. At Mom's Deli, though the line to wait to get your food is sometimes long, it's great local shop to get a sandwich that is prepared with love. This establishment has been a treasure for many years, and most of the locals know about how great their food and service really is! It's a place you definitely want to visit while you're in the area.

The State of Missouri provides many treasures for truckers, and we're glad to have been patrons of these local businesses for years. It's refreshing to go off-the-beaten-path periodically, and just check-in to see how these wonderful people are living their lives. At some point in the future, we plan to frequent these areas more regularly.

In addition, we plan to showcase other local businesses to support in different US States. If you enjoyed this post, please let us know by sharing on your social media. Stayed tuned for the next post in our series!

How to Be Successful When Working with Local Trucking Companies

The trucking business remains ideal in our local market. It helps to track the movement of different raw materials and other goods for safe delivery. Have you ever tried to use any of the local trucking company and what was your experience? Having a local trucking company means that one needs to engage in a few things that would help have a viable business. That would include determining how the business would operate, complying with all the trucking specific business permits, licenses, and the required forms. An individual would have to follow the traditional steps of starting to the business and finally buy the right equipment and get started. Therefore, it means that an individual or groups of people need to properly plan to ensure that their business cement and sets off in the right manner.

The following steps would help to ensure that a local trucking company starts and operates successfully in the market.

Always Have a Plan

Planning in any business would play a pivotal part in its success therefore, planning remains vital. That includes identifying the obvious routes and the right time to deliver and pick up loads. A truck routing software like TruckRouter can help you make the most of your routes. The plans to maintain the business equipment, the right amount of time at home. Plans of staying healthy on the road to remain ideal for a successful local trucking company. The most important plan should relate to how the business and personal goals would be achieved in the short and long term.


Communication remains ideal in every form of business and that would not just include what was heard or said. Maintain a written communication of every aspect of the trucking business. Anything termed important needs documentation: who you spoke with, when you spoke with them, and what each party said, the final agreement, and did everyone sign the agreed document. Spoken word cannot always be remembered, hence the need to inform everyone in the chain about every change and anything introduced to ensure that the business runs smoothly

Build on Teamwork

Teamwork ensures that everyone plays their part effectively for the success of the business. Given the number of drivers, maintenance department and safety, dispatch, teamwork would ensure the work remains financially rewarding, less stressful while giving the best services to the targeted clients.

Personal Care

The fact that one would work to get money and remain economically stable, they need to keep in mind about their personal life. Ones need to take care of their mind, body, and soul. Employees need to take time from their busy schedules and relax while enjoying the life that they have. Don’t allow your isolation from the community given the nature of the work, but have time to interact with other people. That would ensure that you have better ideas on how to improve and run the business while understanding the ever-changing market. Always plan for activities out of the ordinary job line and spend time refreshing and re-energizing.

It remains important to know and learn the business however, common sense stands out as the ideal thing to have to run a successful local trucking company. What trucking companies do you count on for your business? We love to highlight local trucking companies who are doing their part for their community.

What is the Difference Between Transportation and Logistics?

The Common Misunderstanding

Many adults go about their daily lives working with the industries related to the movement of goods. From average retailers to supermarkets, the transportation and logistics industry plays a key role in keeping the economy flowing. Many however, will freely use these terms without the proper understanding that these are two very different entities. Each of these entities plays into each other but have some crucial differences when describing either of the two. By understanding the major differences, the reader will have a much better understanding of the larger picture operations that take place around them.

Logistics – The Brain of the Operation

When many hear the word “logistics,” they are quite confused on its exact purpose. However, there is no reason to fear gaining said understanding. The term logistics was actually coined by the French military in the late 1800’s. At the time, the word meant simply to lodge troops. However, over time this word evolved into a much more complex understanding and the question of “how” it came into relevance.

Logistics in today’s world focuses much on the “how do I most effectively and efficiency do this?” Industry in the modern world is massive, the money moves so quickly, employers do not have the time to enjoy it. This also applies to the goods supplied by employers as well as the people involved. These parts move so quickly that major companies must have an efficiency plan to move these goods in order to prevent losing money and scarce resources. The economics field has a very heavy focus on this and employers will hire economists just on the purpose of optimizing logistic elements. To put the term into perspective, logistics is the brain behind where resources go and how to get them there as efficiency as possible.

Transportation – The Muscle

After understanding the larger picture of logistics, grasping the purpose of transportation is very simple. Transportation is the key element in logistics, as without it goods would not move and vendors would have nothing to sell. Transportation put simply is the movement of goods from point A to point B. The logistical considerations are what gets them there with the fuel they need, the goods ordered and on the most efficient route possible. Transportation ranges far and wide in how goods get from point A to B. Most commonly, truckers are the first occupation in mind when the word transportation is brought up. Although the most popular, transportation includes but is not limited to trucks, planes, trains, and boats. More recently, the major vendor Amazon got an edge on its competitors by using blimps and drones and using specialized truck wraps to deliver goods to customer’s doors.

Transportation has been evolving since the dawn of man even before the invention of the wheel. Sleds were humanities first major form of moving resources around. Once the wheel was invented, transportation quickly evolved tools such as carts which spearheaded today’s vehicles. As stated above, transportation is still quickly evolving to further the speed and cost effectiveness of moving goods.

The Common Grounds – How the Two Correlate

In understanding how vast the industries are spread, one must understand how transportation and logistics work hand and hand to make life easier for consumers and vendors. Vendors are creating new programs every day on the logistics level in order to make transporting goods easier for the people whose job it is to move the goods. For example, a transportation company which makes runs across the country wants to ensure that its truckers are driving the most effective routes daily. This can be complicated trying to factor in the considerations of traffic, weather, road closures, etc. It is the job of someone such as an economist or programmer to design models to have the most up-to-date information possible. This will allow distribution centers to send their drivers on the most effective routes.


Transportation and logistics are two very different yet intermingled industries which play a key role in the movement of goods in the most effective and efficient way. While logistics is the mind behind the operation, transportation is the pushing force in ensuring the goods make it from point A to point B and that the mode of transpiration makes it back in a timely manner. The key differences between the two is what gives each such an important role in the complex elements of today’s commerce and infrastructure. Contact the George and Wendy Show for more details.

A Guide for Buying the Right Truck Gun Rack

Different truck gun racks are regarded as the best by different individuals. If you plan to go on a hunting or shooting trip, definitely you need a place to store your gun for easy accessibility when in need. The challenge is what makes a good truck gun rack? Truck guns are generally long. We are not referring to handguns. Not that it is better than the short one, both are used to shoot, but the long guns are made in a way that they can be used to pull over a long distance and thus to increase the accuracy of the target. Here are some of the essential things to look for before buying a truck gun rack.

Reasons for Buying Truck Gun rack

To avoid unnecessary accidents: when the gun is not in use, it needs to be stored in a safe place. This is because in case you are traveling on a rough road the weapon can hit on the sides or be tossed in the air hence causing accidents.

Damage to the gun: if the scopes of the rifle have been affected it may lead you to miss your target. The rifles may be modified when the arm hits the floor or the sides of the bed. This will make you keep on replacing the damaged stock of the rifle. Passengers should not carry the gun in the hands while in the vehicle. This is because the weapons may fall off from their hands and it will result in the rifle scope being knocked hence it will no longer be accurate.

How to Choose the Best Truck Gun Rack

Easy to access the gun: you should choose a truck gun rack that you can easily access the gun in case of emergency. The frame as it is placed in a hide-out should be in a position to retrieve it quickly in case there is an emergency.

Type of the vehicle: before you purchase a truck gun rack consider how your truck is designed. Truck guns are somewhat long so they need to be carried in either vans, tractors or passengers vehicles.

Storage capacity: you should put into consideration the number of weapons you would like to be stored in your rack. Different racks are designed differently according to the number of guns they can store at a time.

The Best Brand of Truck Gun Track

Back Seat Gun Rack: The rack is more convenient. It has strap ties around the front seats and holds the gun behind the chair tightly. The arms are held in pocket-like structures made from fabric. They are made in a way that it is easy to access the gun.

Truck Bed Gun Racks: they carry guns and even chainsaws very safe and their security is paramount. They can either be fitted horizontally or vertically. Nuts and bolts are generally used to fix them. The guns are safe because they will not hit on the beds in case you move on the rough road or bumpy roads.

Overhead Gun Rack: the rack is made inside the roof. This place is very safe as they cannot be seen from outside. The problem is that it can hold only one gun and it is not easy to access the weapon in case it is needed.

Floor Mounted Gun Racks: they usually are fitted on the floor of the truck. They are useful as the driver or the passengers in the back seat can easily access the guns.


In case you are looking for a gun rack you need to consider how well you want to use your gun and it serves you well. Give us some insights into how you selected your gun rack.

The Top 5 Places I Enjoyed Visiting While Trucking Around the United States


The United States is a great place to be, especially if you know the specific places to visit. There are a number of places you can enjoy and just have a wonderful time especially while trucking, as it can be a pretty long and tiring trip on the road. Truck drivers also get worn out with all the work involved in driving. In my experience while trucking in the United States, I was able to find a number of favorite truck stops that I would be able to just take time and relax as well as have meals and some fun.

The Top 5 Places I enjoyed Visiting While in the U.S.

There are a number of places I was able to enjoy as well as have a moment of relaxing while trucking around the States, which include:

1. Jubitz - Portland

I found this as one of the classiest truck stops as it provides a 24-hour restaurant. What is more, I was also able to enjoy a movie theater experience, as well as night entertainment. Services such as the fuel or even maintenance were great and I was glad I would not experience any kind of issues during my time there.

2. Pilot Travel Center - New York

The Pilot Travel Center is another great place I was able to experience as a truck stop while in New York. This is due to the wonderful food choices and varieties, as well as large parking spaces. I also didn't struggle with getting internet as the place had good wireless access. Cleaning of clothes while in the region was also stress free as there is also public laundry provided. I found the place to be very convenient and it boasts as having a number of fuel stations.

3. North Forty Truck Stop - Tennessee

This is also a great truck stop I enjoyed visiting while in Tennessee as it boasts of comfortable and spacious places of rest, as well as excellent service. Hot showers whenever one wants to have a bath, as well as WiFi access were also a great plus. What is more, I was amazed that they also had a barber and a massage practitioner! I even opted for a haircut that ended up to being awesome.

4. South of the Border - Hamer, South Carolina

While in South Carolina, the South of the Border proved to be the best place I could enjoy as a truck stop, thanks to the looks and comfort of the place. I was able to even enjoy a golf course in my short stay there. Parking space was also a great plus as the place boasts of a spacious parking. The restaurants and meals were also awesome, with great view of a Sombrero Observation tower, 200 feet tall.

5. Morris Travel Center

This was another fantastic place that I was able to have a great stay and enjoy as they had awesome restaurants as well as great services. Since 1967, this place has really been able to grow and been an attraction of many. I also enjoyed the climate and convenience of the place, with the 24/7 service.


The United States boasts of great and awesome places to visit, whether as a trucker or even a general tourist. However, it is very important to find out as much about the places first before you visit so you can determine your budget and ensure you have a great time. Where were some places around the U.S. that you enjoyed stopping during your trucking trips. Tell us about them.

8 Tools You Must Carry to Fix Your Truck On the Road


Here in this article I’ll explain the necessary tools you should be carrying in your truck. When you are at home and your truck needs any repairs you have access to different tools. But while you are on the road and your truck breaks down or is in any kind of trouble it is a complete disaster, right? That is the reason you must know the necessary tools that you must carry with you to fix your truck on the road.

Below are 8 tools that can get your truck out of a tight spot.

  1. Screwdriver – you need a screwdriver with multiple bits. A screwdriver should be carried at all times. It will help you change the headlight of your truck, take out the battery, and also change any part that’s out of order.
  2. Work Gloves – While you are working on your truck you may hurt your hand if you do not wear your work gloves. You hand might get severely injured or bleed. Everyone must use a pair of work gloves while interacting with the parts of the truck.
  3. Tire Air Pressure Gauge – To provide better traction the tires should be properly inflated. There is a much smaller chance that your tires will get punctured if they have the proper air pressure. To check the pressure you may use a standard air pressure gauge, however, a digital tire pressure gauge shows more accurate measurements.
  4. Jumper Cables and Portable Battery Charger – You never want to get stranded with a dead battery. So you must have a dependable set of jumper cables in your truck and also a portable battery charger so that you can charge the dead battery. It may also help any other driver on the road. Check that these tools are in good condition and rust free.
  5. Flashlight – If your truck is in trouble in the dark you obviously need a flashlight. You should always carry a portable flashlight in your truck for these kinds of situations.
  6. Spare Tire and Jack – If your tire got punctured on the road and there is no mechanic around it is in big trouble. You should always carry a spare tire and a jack so that you can change the flat tire yourself.
  7. Fix a Flat – If you don’t want to mess with changing a tire you must carry this with you. It is good for a temporary fix. When it is sprayed into a tire it fills the tire from the inside and seals the leak. For this reason it is one of the most important tools that you should carry with you.
  8. Lug Nut Wrench – You need a lug nut wrench to remove the flat tire and fasten the tire to the truck’s axle.


As mentioned above these are the most important tools that you need to always carry with you to fix your truck on the road. These items are not all that expensive and they can really save you a headache when something happens to your on the road. Best of luck trucking.

If there are other tools that you swear by send us an email and we'll add it to the list.

10 Tips to Make Full Use of Sealed Beam Headlights and It's Benefits

Sealed beam headlights use reflectors that are made from aluminum and are permanently sealed together with a glass lens.

To make full use of sealed beam headlights, the following tips are very important:

  1. Robust Sealed beams headlights bulbs must be replaced in case the bulbs have burned out. This helps to make full use of the sealed beams headlights.
  2. Sealed beam headlights may fade with time, to make full use of the sealed beam headlights ensure that you replace the faded sealed beam headlights.
  3. To make full use of sealed beam headlights, ensure that the replacement of the headlights is made to both headlights. Do not replace one and leave the other one.
  4. Make sure that the out side of sealed beam headlights are clean especially when you use a dusty road. Make sure that they are cleaned to ensure that full use of the headlights is achieved.
  5. During installation of the sealed beam headlights ensure that it is done by qualified personnel. This ensures correct installation leading to proper functioning of the headlights.
  6. If the inner part of the sealed beam headlights are dirty, you need to open the headlights and clean over time to enhance maximum use of the headlights.
  7. Cracked or broken sealed beam headlights should be replaced to enhance visibility of the driver especially at night. This helps in making full use of the sealed beam headlights.
  8. Always schedule regular maintenance practices for the care to check if the sealed beam headlights are working as required
  9. The Sealed beam headlights should be adjusted properly to ensure that we make full use of the headlights.
  10. Ensure uniform lighting on all the sealed beam headlights of your car to enhance clarity thus full use of the sealed beam headlights.

The benefits of sealed beam headlights include:

  1. They are cheap to buy therefore they are pocket friendly and can be afforded by anyone.
  2. The bulbs of the sealed beam headlights can be replaced without replacing the entire headlight just in case your bulb bums out.
  3. Sealed beam headlights do not hold moisture in it therefore very low possibilities of fog forming in the headlamp. This enhances proper visibility especially for people who drive at night.
  4. Sealed beam headlights are very safe to use.
  5. Sealed beam headlights are easy to install and easy to replace because all the parts of the headlights have been put together to form one thing.
  6. Sealed beam headlights have a longer life span compared to other headlights. This makes it better than other headlights.
  7. Sealed beam headlights are normally sealed and a thin glass is used to make the bulbs thus proper penetration of light. This also ensures visibility
  8. Sealed beam headlights use less power to operate thus they are energy saving and convenient.

Through the points above, we have learnt how to make full use of the sealed beam headlights and the benefits of sealed beam headlights. It is important to make full use of the sealed beam headlights because it is beneficial.

If you have more tips for why it's important to use sealed beam headlights drop us a line.

How to Select the Best Semi Truck Tires

Trucks come in many forms and sizes and may vary in terms of usage. Take the semi-trailer truck or semi truck, for example. It has a tractor and may have one or more vans (trailers) to carry goods. Such a vehicle is meant for transporting heavy materials and as such need bigger tires that would carry heavier loads than say, a race car or a limousine.

Which Tires are Best For Ride and Handling?

Now what types of tires are needed for this kind of vehicle? It's all about position or where the tires are placed. These include steer or all position tires, drive tires, and trailer tires. Steer or All Position tires are those located in the fore of the semi truck. However, these tires may also be used in the drive position, or even the trailer position — thus the name all position tires. These tires influence the RIDE and HANDLING of the vehicle so they must be in superb condition at all times. It is most important, therefore, to choose tires that give ease and comfort — less impact to the driver and passengers —as well as ones that can easily be handled while maneuvering a bend(s) at high speeds.

Tires for Grip

Here are some top brand tires that you may choose from: Michelin, Goodyear, Yokohama, BFGoodrich, and Cooper Roadmaster. Of course, one must consider prices when ordering one's tires. However, for safety, one must choose quality over cost. There is no contest in that. Of the three types, Drive tires carry the most workload. These hold onto (grip) the road surface, or what one may call as traction. Excellent drive tires can veer one away from disaster especially when one is traversing icy or slippery roads. It would be most advantageous to choose those that can afford the vehicle a good grip on the road surface. Season and weather conditions should be considered when choosing Drive tires.

Tires for Traction

Here are some brand tires for different weather conditions: Hankook Ventus V12 Summer Tires, Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Tires, Michelin Pilot Super Sport Summer Tires, Cooper Discoverer A/T3 All-Terrain Tires, Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus All-Weather Tires, and Michelin MXV4 All-Season Tires. The keyword for choosing tires like these would be TRACTION, whatever the weather condition. The third type of tires are placed on the trailer or van. These are called Trailer tires. As goods (freight) are loaded on the trailer or van, the tires used must be able to withstand lateral and braking forces while carrying such a load. The Lateral Force Variation (LFV) of such tires must be dynamic enough to encompass different forces acting upon the truck and the road. ASTM International in ASTM F1806 — Standard Practice for Tire Testing provides certain processes to gauge the Lateral Force Variation (LFV) of tires. So, if one must buy tires, be sure that these tires pass their standard.


So, the next time you need to buy tires for your semi truck, just remember where you will be using them — the steer, drive, or trailer. Remember, each has a different function. So, when purchasing them, consider the forces that they may come in contact with so you can choose those for optimum usage. Whatever the tire, it must function well in smooth as well as harsh conditions, for they will help ensure the safety of your travel. Semi trucks are like oxens that carry heavy burdens in short or long distances. They need tires that can cushion, balance, and roll with the forces of the road they tread upon. Like feet that carry our weight, they must always be in tiptop condition so one can get the best mileage. Check out our other articles on our blog.

How to Make Car Magnets

Car magnet on vehicle

Creating your own magnet design in today's society has become a thing which separates us from generations in the past.  Being resourceful enough to create your product shows that you are highly intelligent and able to manifest your ideas.  Now you can make car magnets from home, and showcase them on your vehicle.  In this post, we'll show you how!

One of our favorite things to do when we're not driving over the road, is to involve ourselves in fun crafts and hobbies.  Inspired by some of the Magnets in Motion car magnets out on the market, we decided to try our hand at designing a car magnet for our big rig-- though, this type of magnet can be used for any vehicle!

It is looked at as a great way to showcase your designing talent to the world while showcasing your creativity.   Making your own car magnet is loved by many people because it takes a short time to create a magnet, and you can do-it-yourself!  Below is a method you could use to make a car magnet from home.

Steps to Create a Car Magnet

1. Purchase Magnetic Sheet

Purchasing a magnetic sheet which can either be perforated or full or even you can purchase a pre-cut magnetic sheet the design of your choice. A full magnetic sheet will help you to create a magnet with your own specifically shaped car magnet while a perforated magnetic sheet will only allow you to make a magnet in the shape of a rectangle and square. The kind magnetic sheet should depend on the type and size of the vehicle.

2. Design your Magnet

Draw up the sketch on the magnetic sheet using markers or sharpies. You can also sketch up your design with a pencil first before using the sharpies and the marker in order for you to eliminate any kind of mistakes.

You can try a more professional look by using a computer if you think drawing could make your work a not as good. You launch a program then afterwards you can pick out a template that you think you like or enjoy to transfer to the magnet sheet.

Edit the font and also the words, plus the sign on the design before saving your work. Load the magnetic sheet purchased on the printer where you should put the printable side upside down and pages setups in order to put the size of your choice your magnet then you can now print your designs.  An inkjet printer help take care of the width of your magnetic sheets.

3. Cut out the Design

Cut out the drawn or printed designs with a sharp pair of scissors. If you used the pre-cut, use a sharp object to make the edges straight.  Forgo the perforated area on a single magnetic sheet then cut out the desired shape.

4. Put it Together

Use a paint brush to paint on it some contact on its top. It is a clear like vanish which can be applied using a brush and often comes with its brush. Thus, this contact helps to keep the design looking vibrant and visible.

After about 12 to 24 hours it becomes dried and afterwards you can stick your magnet on the car and ensure it sticks.

It is obvious that making a car magnet by yourself is rewarding.  Some added advantages include that it helps promote your business, it also helps to establish a company's presence and it also helps in advertising your message. Car magnet innovation is the better option for me and for you.

Let's see what you have to offer!  Contact The George and Wendy Show with your design, and we'll be sure to post it on our social media accounts!